The new video for ‘Fire’

I must say I was very, very, very envious to those of you who live in States when I heard about the filming of the video for ‘Fire’. Envious, but in the same time extremely happy for you guys, too. I was excitedly waiting Gavin to come to Europe and then I had to accept the damned fact that I couldn’t take part in the filming instead, it was, haha. Not cool. He should definitely film his next video in Europe! Oh well, I survived.

Anyways. It has been now released. Take a look!

My first impressions of this was again a slight disappointment – ahh, and amusement, when I suddenly caught on the link between this video and THIS. Hahaha! How adorable can he be…

Anyways. Disappointment, true, the story in the video was a bit distant to me. Somehow in the end when they got back to their work it kinda found it’s place in my mind. There needs to be this ‘fire’ breaking free in everybody’s life, but still… Oh well, it can be only that this kind of sports is not for me and I really don’t understand what’s so fascinating in it.

The video has got very positive responses and I feel somewhat awkward for not feeling the same. There has been said that Gavin DeGraw is celebrating strong women with this, and that it is empowering and a great song for any kinds of sports. And all of that is no doubt good. I just can’t see it so clearly.

One review of it can be found HERE.


By the way I would so much rather watch G than those girls skating around. Ha.
But, I absolutely love to see the whole band in it! They are looking good together, aren’t they?


But all this has been said only after 5 times through. So, let me warn you, I might change my mind at some point. (Umm, not about watching G, though!)


Some pics I snapped from it. However it was pretty tough, when the girls kept photobombing my screenshots!








What are your thoughts about the newest?



Your turn now!

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