The next cover should be…

Gavin has done some spectacular covers from many songs that I have actually liked before, too. I have been wondering sometime if there’s anything Gavin can’t make sound absolutely beautiful when covering it. Or maybe it is that he chooses only the ones that really match with his voice.


Way or the other, after all these amazing pieces of music, I started to think what should he cover next. And that, my friends, is an intriguing question!

But first let’s see some of his covers through so you can see what I mean. What is your favorite of the next ones? I love, ahh, them all, you know. That’s why I picked them, anyways, but one that never leaves me dry-eyed is She’s always a woman. Love, love, love it! Oh, and Angel eyes, that’s another. Ahh, and Change is gonna come. See, way too tough for me to pick just one.

Well, okay. With every video I added I thought: Damn, I should have said *this* is my favorite! But I’ve kinda got used to it already, for it is what Gavin always does to me.

Well, I have thought the other part of the question. What’s next? What would you want to hear him covering next? I have come up with some suggestions. What do you think about these?

Tuomo is  a Finnish soul artist that I have found lately. I enjoy a lot of his music and this one is one of my favorites of his. There might be some that would suit better to Gavin, but here goes anyways…

Oh. Poets of the Fall, one of my favorites! There was a time when I didn’t listen to anything else than their music. This one is one that has left it’s mark on me. So damned beautiful. And just imagine if Gavin did it. I would so definitely would like to hear his version from this!

Ahahah! I was going through some Bon Jovi -stuff on the other night and I was thinking with every song I found that oh, wow, this is so good. I used to love Bon Jovi back then. Really love. Haha. And, I would love to hear Gavin do this, too! Or, actually, I found myself thinking that any song from Bon Jovi would be amazing to hear.

Ohh. Darren Hayes. Sigh. I loved him, too, sooooo much. And this song is very beautiful, brings so many memories back it’s crazy.  I tried to imagine how would Gavin make this sound, but they’re both just so close to my heart, that it’s quite impossible. That’s why I would like him to try it out, too!

Some examples I stumbled across. But, as said before, I would listen Gavin to sing a phone book with a great pleasure. His voice is something so captivating, it’s always interesting to hear, no matter what he is singing. And, he doesn’t just, you know, cover them, but he makes the song, no matter what song, his own. He takes it in him, grows with it and releases it again, makes it different, anew, a whole story becoming completely his. And it gives new perspectives, meanings to the songs.

So, what ever he chooses to cover next, I’m probably in love with it anyways.

What do you think?



Your turn now!

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