Would you rather…

I love this kinds of games/challenges, and especially when Gavin is concerned. I needed to watch this several times through and I was smiling like a complete idiot in my evening bus. No surprise, really. Can someone confess that they are not smiling when watching Gavin?


This particular game was called ‘Would you rather’, and it included some pretty hard questions to answer. Take a look!


So, I must say I guessed right almost every one of them. Haha. I know my man, what can I say. Though he didn’t quite obey the rules with every question asked, in my opinion.

When the question about would he give up coffee or his cell phone came up I found myself thinking ‘Oh, wow, that’s a tough one’. This was the one I didn’t even try to guess, I was just extremely curious what would he say. And when he started his answer with almost exactly same words I had just thought I was laughing out loud.

About flying or reading minds… That made me think a bit, about what would I choose. And I have to agree with Gavin with this, too. I have dreamed about flying so long it’s not even a dream anymore. I mean, not in concrete way (though that would be amazing, too), but rather in mind, to be free. I call being free flying. Anyways, the other option is in a way interesting, too, but personally I so totally prefer flying.

And the last question, running through the fire or jumping in with sharks… Ahh. I was (again) laughing out loud (in my bus) when I heard Gavin’s answer – just because I had just decided the same, with the same reasoning behind my decision.

Oh. I love it when it seems I’m getting him so completely, that all I can do is just love. But, I also love the sudden surprising element in him that he has. That he suddenly just makes me stop in amaze and – ha, love him.

So, my answers to the questions would have been as follows.

Would you rather:

  • be able to fly or read minds?
    Fly! Is this even a question?
  • hairy all over or totally bald?
    Umm. I like my hair, but all over? Totally bald it is.
  • find true love or 10 million bucks?
    True love.
  • give up coffee or your cell phone?
    Ummhhhh….. my coffee?? It has to be, because I can’t live without my phone.
  • run through fire or jump in with sharks?
    Run through fire, because it will be over faster! And – I still have this phobia of Jaws… ( I saw too much too young, haha!)

What would you choose?


Your turn now!

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