Finally recovered from pcd

It has been a silent time for me for a some time now. It seems I have given my all when doing my mini-tour with Gavin, and I have nothing to add anymore. At first after my shows I was too high to actually write anything. After that I was way lower, I got the post-concert-depression, big time, and I didn’t feel like writing at that point either.

There were days when I just skipped every Gavin-song on my playlist, because I didn’t want to think of him. There were even days when I skipped every Joey-song on my playlist as well, because listening to Joey makes me think of Gavin, and I didn’t want to… well, you know.

But, it has been said that time heals, and it does. Even though it is rather wistful sometimes, to be healed. From something such beautiful and amazing thing than being in love.

Anyways, here I am. Writing. I had to be back, eventually.

And, yes, I’m good. Thank you for asking. Thank you for being there. I so much appericiate (oh, damn it, I never ever learn how to write that word correctly, and I’m too tired at the moment to check. I hope you don’t mind my spelling mistakes!) Um, so anyways, I appericiate the possibility of getting to know my dear GavinGirls, and the fact that we share this one huge thing, is making me happier I can say.




Your turn now!

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