The power of creating

Gavin has been doing so many great things ever since I stopped blogging, it feels difficult to choose anything particular. There has been surprise guesting, releasing the Best of -album, plenty of nice videos and interviews – it seems he has been all around the place!


I used to think that he was kind of busy when being on tour, but you know what, I guess he is even busier right now. I don’t know, though.

This next AOL Build interview was very interesting to me.


It showed me a new side of Gavin, somehow, he seems to be so relaxed and he talks about things I had never heard before. I really liked watching him (oh, when wouldn’t I…), and listening to him. At some point I was thinking that oh wow, (I swear, I do think that every single time I hear him speak), that what you just said is really making me think.

This time the first thing that made me think was what he said about songwriting and performing. That it is a different thing to just write songs, than write songs and perform them. And I did agree. For I do write a lot (not songs, that is), and sometimes I do write stuff that is pretty cool, but I wouldn’t want to publish it with my own name, you know. It’s so completely different from my ‘image’, just as he says. And when being a performer it must be even more strict to be able to maintain the wanted image.


Though, I must say, I do feel a bit hypocrite when saying this, because I did think also that isn’t that lying? Telling something you’re not? Or not telling everything you are in hopes to be more successful when not showing everything? Why is there this ‘image’ thas has to be maintained, anyways? If you’re an artist, you should be able to do any freaking thing you feel like doing, right? Isn’t that what art is about?

Gavin says: “My job is not to sell, my job is to create.”

Agree! Go with it, Gav. Somedays I feel like the new stuff of his has been planned more to be sold than actually reflecting of himself. But, that is just my opinion. I know nothing about it.

Really made me think. And another thing was his comments about the career and adjusting yourself to the current situations, the moods, the needs and the styles around. Somehow I did agree with him, but at the same time I found myself thinking that isn’t that just… Isn’t that just about the same thing I just wrote previously? Trying to please the crowd?


This one is a tough one. I have been thinking this a whole lot and from Gavin’s way of answering the question asked about the change in music industry, I can hear that he has been giving it a thought as well. There is no easy nor the right answer for this. I do my best to understand, but it is hard.

If you’re creating things, you can’t go on creating things that some others would want you to create. That is like taking the power of creating away from you, isn’t it?

I can imagine myself getting ideas from others, even some requests from them, and I have written something based only their wishes, and it became pretty good, actually. But you know, it kept still bugging me somehow. Because it wasn’t me, it wasn’t the thing I would wanted to write, or it wasn’t the way of my words, my thoughts, my creativeness, you know. It is a decent story, I give you that, but when ever reading it I can see the others who ‘adviced’ me. I can’t see myself.


I’m not sure if I like how Gavin is connecting music with fashion. To me fashion is something passing and there is always something new and before you can actually see what has changed it has changed again, you know. And for me, music is not like that. If you want to be on the top of it, ahead of your time, maybe then, but some of us still like old stuff, too. And the current number ones in the listings aren’t there for long, I’m afraid. To maintain your status you need to change once more. And again. And again.

Then again there is a good point in his words, too. You can’t live in a box, without thinking anything but yourself and your art and your own thoughts. They are soon sifted, and there is nothing new to share anymore. You need to see things, hear things, experience things. I just love when Gavin says that he gets his ideas all the time from everywhere – because I do too! It’s just so funny when some everyday thing suddenly seems to be bigger than life, waking up some other thought in my mind and pushing a whole new story to a start.


And you should change, too. You can’t stay the same. It’s not normal. Life is about the constant change, you know. If you force yourself to be just as you were when you were a teenager… it just wouldn’t work anymore, don’t you agree? But, the change should come from the inside, not because someone else is forcing you to change.

I guess that is the core of my long and winding story of how Gavin DeGraw made me think this time.

There’s a whole lot more in the interview and I warmly recommed you to watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, and learning about how did ‘I don’t want to be’ become the theme song of One Tree Hill, what music did Gavin listen when younger, how does his dad encourage him to have some work done, and listening him to be the sincere and open himself as usual.

I love him, so darn much, and I wish only the best to him. If he is happy, then I’m happy. But I still keep missing the softer side of his.

What do you think?



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