Heart attack

I’m helpless, I guess you might know that already. This time I got a minor (okay, well, moderate) heart attack on the other day, caused by mr DeGraw.

I had a crappy day. I was complaining it to my husband, who was not listening as usual. So, I decided that there is something that helps me, and that is having a chat about one amazing musician. So, I grabbed my phone.
I was tweeting at my leisure, having fun and loving Gavin pretty damn much. Ha. I tweeted:

And then we continued the conversation about how amazing Gavin is and how his music works like a magic every time. And I was amused to know I’m not the only one who actually is listening him every single day. Gavin was tagged all the time in the convo, and all the sudden it happened. I was just saying to my husband that it was funny how confused I was for I couldn’t really keep in track about all the tweets going around and the notifications in my phone… and right there and then this new notification popped up starting with words ‘Gavin DeGraw’.

Oh. My. Heart.

For a billionth of a second I was thinking: “Oh freak, he is tweeting back!” But obviously he wasn’t, it was just his announcement of the NASCAR-thing he was about to do.

But even after realizing that he was not tweeting me, I realized that I had tagged Gavin all the time and his notifications would have been filled with my tweets at the same time. I felt like blushing and thought everything through: ‘Did I say anything too bad? Did I make a fool of myself? DID HE SEE MY TWEETS??’

Ahh. That man is driving me mad.

That was like the best chance ever of him seeing something I have written. At least he was holding his phone in his hand at the same time when I was holding mine. Pretty romantic, right?

And of course, this lead to some unforgettable night, as well.
Now, don’t get alarmed. I saw a gavindream, that’s true, but a very respectful and beautiful and printable gavindream.
When I woke up it felt like I had been seeing the dream the whole night long. It felt such a long dream. No complaints, it was amazing. Beautiful. Actually it was so long, I wasn’t even disappointed when waking up, I was just, well.

And the dream?

In my dream Gavin was coming to visit my home for a one whole day. It was some kind of a meet&greet thing, or maybe I had won a competition, not really sure about this, but who cares. He came. He was in my home.

At first I was a bit reserved and confused (you might remember my verbal talent when really doing my m&g, ha! And if you don’t, you can check it out HERE), but he was so friendly, so sincere, respectful, and funny as he always seems to be, that I forgot about my awkwardness.

We sat side by side on our couch, and talked about Nashville. I asked what was his favorite place to call home (yeah, what a question is that? Well, in the dream it was very intelligent one.) but he didn’t answer. He started to, but he distracted me and started to talking about something completely different.

Later on I heard him singing in another room and I went to him and asked if I could make a song request. I was hoping he would sing ‘Belief’ in my livingroom, ahh… But, he didn’t. He said, that no requests can be taken. Bummer. Anyways, at some point I was playing my keyboard and he was singing along. Nice.

And, he kept playing and joking with my kids, and they loved him. They hung on him, climbed on him, and he was apparently enjoying it. He actually had a chat with my husband about some American chain saw parts, as well (he seems to know what my husband likes, as well, ha!).

I also asked him if he was able to read through every fan letter (?) he gets. He went all serious and looked at me with his beautiful brown (oh god) eyes, and told me that sadly it wasn’t possible in any way, for he gets so many of them.

At some point we were cuddling on the couch.


There was even more in it, but I can’t remember anymore. In the morning I felt like it had really happened. I needed to think very carefully to understand that he didn’t visit us in real.

It was a very believable dream. The house was ours, the furniture was ours, even everybody of my family was there. There was nothing too obviously dream-like (except Gavin, of course), so I guess that was the reason for my momentary confusion.

This day has already been so much better.

Gavin truly can work miracles.


Your turn now!

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