The Christmas Feeling

What is your favorite season? Mine must be the Christmas time. I just love the lights, the songs, the smiles, the athmosphere of it all. It’s magical. I love it.


Heather shared a Christmas song playlist in Twitter. And I thought it would be only decent thing to do to share the Christmas feeling.

The playlist is amazing. Go see it. All the Christmas Gavin goodies in the same place.


I mean, I was so totally overwhelmed of it, it was… See, I have always (and I mean always) loved certain Christmas songs and everytime I hear them I get shivers totally regardless of who is singing it – I might even get teary eyed when singing them myself, ha. And the ones I love the most have always been…

 “O Holy Night”

(this is the Finnish version of a opera (?) singer Pentti Hietanen I like a lot, totally worth of listening if you enjoy the song)

I mean, come on! I remember when hearing this the very first time in a church and it was pure magic. I was covered with goose bumps. Such a powerful song. I can’t listen through this with some thought and not cry. I swear, I can’t.

 “The Christmas Song”

(again, a Finnish singer I absolutely adore, if you may, Tomi Metsäketo. And he looks just like a prince to me, haha!)

This is… this… the feeling, the melody. And though I thought I would deal with Gavin later on, I just need to say… When I heard G sing this one the very first time, I started crying before he actually started to sing – just because I realized what song it was and how amazingly beautiful his voice would be in it. And it was. But Tomi here is doing a pretty good job, too, isn’t he?

 “Merry Little Christmas”

One of my friends just presented Frank Sinatra to me, and I was totally embarrassed when not knowing nothing much about him, but I checked him out, and I now like him as well. Not to say, I’m way more educated at the moment…

This is similar to the previous one for me. One of my definite favorites. I can’t remember when I heard this the first time, but it gives me the feeling of Christmas. Love it!

 “White Christmas”

Oh, and this Bing Crosby version is legendary, isn’t it?

I have loved this song for a very long time. I have sung this countless of times. I just sang this to my tiniest last night when putting her to sleep. I love the melody, the words, ah, everything about it.

Ohhh!! Getting soooo overly in the Christmas mood right now. All my fav Christmas songs at once. Loving them. Very much indeed.

And yesterday morning, when I found Heather’s brilliant playlist, I was mesmerized by a song after another. If you have seen the playlist, you might already guess why.

Actually, I have to say, I didn’t know ‘O Holy Night’ is the ‘Oi Jouluyö’ song in Finnish before this particular morning. When Gavin started to sing it I was all like “Oh my god. This IS the song. This is my all time fav Christmas song.” And after awhile when there was this ‘White Christmas’ shared as well, I thought only “Please stop. Don’t do this to me. I can’t take it anymore!’

Why, o why does he have to be like that? Like what you might ask. So freaking perfect! What makes him choose just the songs I love? Why has he sing like that, and make me cry, when trying to get to work? Ah, damned.

Him choosing the same songs I love makes me feel… I don’t know what’s the right word for it. Like I love the right guy, kind of thing.

It’s proved every single time I see Gavin perform, or hear him talk. He just gives me so many reasons to love him it’s impossible to stop.


If Gavin would sing “Walking Through the Air”, I would die. I’m not sure if that’s considered as a Christmas song, but it sure is one for me. Brings so many memories, makes me cry. Inevitably. Let’s hope he keeps himself just a bit from the perfection. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Oh, so, now that it crossed it my mind, here’s the song as well!



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