But I like it


I found some old interviews of Gavin I hadn’t seen before. It’s always surprisingly happy occasion to find something I haven’t yet seen. Not that I couldn’t watch them all over again. And again. But I guess you know what I mean.

Anyways. At first these interviews sounded a bit reserved to me, like the interviewer wouldn’t know what to say or to ask, or speaking so quietly that even Gavin seemed to be a bit unsure about things. But later on I somehow understood the interview was made in some other country (Gavin says something ‘in US’, which I think would be a bit odd if they were there), and could be that English wasn’t the interviewers first language. I don’t know though. Just a thought that occurred to me.

I felt a bit reserved, too. Watching so young Gavin (interviews were from year 2008), talking somehow differently I have used to see him talk… it made me feel a bit unhappy, uneasy, somewhat frustrated or disappointed. This is not my friendly, open, funny Gavin. This is some famous dude. Some distant fellow.

But as it went on, I was caught again. They talked about Gavin’s early musical likings (e.g. the Beatles and Billy Joel mentioned) and about his piano playing (he says that when he started learning to play piano at the age of 9, he didn’t like the music he was playing, but rather used it to learn how to be able to learn other things he wanted), about the South Fallsburg (the prison town, where everybody was either a cop or a relative to one, or then quite the opposite).


Gavin says that he had a good childhood, even though he would have wanted to be somewhere else. He says that he loved his family and his friends, but the town felt ‘wrong’ in a way. He even mentioned that he had been in some kind of a trouble, or making trouble, but didn’t answer when asked what was the worst thing he did back then. He also says that if he would have lived in more beautiful place his music would be dirtier to balance the life in a way, and because he is from where he is from he wanted to do something more beautiful. (I don’t mind, personally, haha.)

Then, the interview started to be really interesting. They started to talk about Joey. And I have my strange thing for Joey (I have told about it previously in here), so I was immediately listening more closely. I told myself to listen very carefully now how does Gavin talk about Joey. And the thing is, at first he didn’t talk much at all.

The interviewer asked how Joey is different from Gavin and all he gets is some vague misleading, or even cautious sentences. “You should call him and ask him to do an interview”, Gavin says. “Then you would know.”

They talk about Joey’s approach about interviews and music and stuff, and they come to an conclusion that Joey is different, though Gavin is not telling how. Then he goes: “He is cool, man. He’s a great songwriter.”

When talking about Joey’s musical style Gavin stops for a second and says: “It’s a little… cold.”
“Cold?” the interviewer repeats.
“Yeah. But I like it.”

Man, I love G. These last words, said in such certainty, standing for what he just said. I don’t know. I love this part.

And I agree, in a way. I wouldn’t have used the word ‘cold’, but I totally get what Gavin means. I would have said ‘distant’ perhaps, but it could mean the same thing. Joey is harder to reach. Gavin shows everything and gives his all, and he says himself that his music is more ‘warm’. Joey on the other hand, is… undescribeable for me. (Is that a word?)


And then, the part, that made me laugh out loud in my office when I was supposed to get some work done…

The interviewer gives an explanation of all this cold/warm -thing. He says something like ‘could that mean that he is more introvert and you’re more extrovert’.

“Umm, I don’t know”, Gavin goes. “He is extroverted enough.”

I’m sure he didn’t mean to give any side meanings of this statement, but I actually needed to press the stop button for I was laughing so hard. It somehow meant to me something like that Gavin has heard fairly enough Joey’s babblings and doesn’t care some more, or something about Joey’s quite provocative style. I don’t know. All I know, I was laughing, hard.

What do you think? What did he mean, for real?

I have written previously that everytime I hear Gavin talk about Joey it’s something very appreciative and positive, and this was it too, but in the same time there was this tiny vibe of something else.

Oh, and when Gavin tells the interviewer to call Joey and ask him for an interview, I was thinking: ‘I wouldn’t dare.’ That’s the different approach, I guess, haha.

Anyways. Here some of the interviews I watched. There are more parts of it, actually I saw part 6 somewhere, but I haven’t got so far myself yet. Here, I give you a young and curly Gavin. Enjoy!



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