Update & apologies

Hello, all of you dear readers.


I have been quite absent lately. I just checked this blog out and it has been 2 months and not a word from me. My apologies.

It has been seemed that my infatuation with Gavin has calmed down. Like I don’t go all nuts when seeing him or hearing him sing. But I assure you it has nothing to do with my love for him. My appreciation for him and his talent is still very much the same. My love for his stories, his voice, his goofiness, his everything is very much the same.

I just have somehow found my place in my life again. And sadly it has meant that I don’t have as much time for my fangirling as I did before.  Sometimes I miss it.

Like today, when I have been thinking about London a lot. My 1st anniversary of my first ever GDG-concert is near. It must be it. Been thinkin about London, missing London, and missing my huge love for G. Missing G. That led me to YouTube at work (shame on me) and I found out some cool old interviews I hadn’t seen before and Gavin made me laugh out loud in my office even though I tried my best not to (for I was supposed to do my job).

These clips made me remember him again, I guess. The feeling of amazement, how he always seems to be able to capture my thoughts and say them out loud. And, again, I found myself nodding to him – and laughing. Man, I love my G.

Anyways. I’ll tell you more about those interviews in my next blog post. I’ll be back.


Your turn now!

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