Tour 2015 coming up

***UPDATE***   Dates can be found HERE.


I need to steal @mad4hatter13’s pic again, for some reason I can’t see this info from Gavin’s FB-page myself. (Sorry.)


This is like the best news on this year.

Do you want to know a little funny secret?

I wrote earlier about some funny coincidences with Gavin, you can find the story HERE, and it seems… This is just crazy.

I have been very, I mean very anxious lately. Restless. Like a couple of days or so. I keep walking around, thinking of G (oh, how rare), and what to wear in the next m&g. And stuff.

Just yesterday when at work I stared myself from the mirror I suddenly realized (the thought hit me like a hammer) why it has been like that. He is going to announce a new tour, soon. He is. I thought. Then laughed.

Yeah, right. As if.

Anyways. When back home yesterday evening I found this picture from Fans of Gavin DeGraw -FB-page. There it was. Staring back at me.

Seriously, I thought. I know my man.

I know, I know. Crazy as hell, and just a coincidence. But funny, right?

Ahh. I. Can’t. Wait. Dates! I need dates! I need European dates! Lots of them!

The only thing that keeps me worried is the fear that maybe Gavin will not come overseas this year at all. I surely hope he does!

How many concerts are you planning to go? In which cities he should perform?

Come to Europe, Gavin, please. We miss you!




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