Thoughts of the tour

So, at the moment it seems that my fears have come true. Gavin’s summer tour is totally located in US and not to say, as an opening artist.

It was so overly amazing that Gavin did 2 European tours last year – and  I was happy to able to see him on both. I guess I got spoiled very quickly, and thought that of course he will come to Europe in this year, too. But, the fact is, he just might not. It could be years for all I know before I have a chance to see him again. So, you might guess, my US readers, I’m pretty much envious.

There has been some debate going on in the social media, whether this summer tour is a good thing for Gavin, or not. The first comment that made me smirk, concerned about the fact that if Gavin wants to get rid of the label of a ‘country singer’, this collaboration with Shania Twain may not be the best way to do it.

The other thing that made me feel surprised was the thing that he is now performing as an opening artist only. No full sets, then, folks. I have seen comments about this where others strongly disagree with G on this, and even keep saying that they will not go to see G because of this.

And I kinda get them, because I’m not sure if I would either. Why? Because I want the attention be completely on Gavin, and, you know, if there’s this whole venue full of people who want to see Shania only, the atmosphere will be most likely somewhat different. Actually, I have never heard of someone saying that they’re going to a concert only because the opening artist.

I have also seen some comments about people telling how great this is for G and how proud they are of him, and that if he chooses to do this, it has to be considered to be good for his career somehow. Well, you know that I’m always proud of Gavin. And what ever he chooses to do I will have respect for it. I may not like it, but I will have respect for him. And in a certain way I can even imagine how this could be good for his career: a lot of people who may not have heard his music before, a lot of new potential fans.

But even with this much said, I probably wouldn’t go to see him either. Ha, it’s easy to say from afar, right? As I don’t have the real opportunity to go see him, I don’t have to really think about it. Would I go to see him if he toured Europe as an opening artist? Umm. I still don’t know. If I didn’t like the main performer, then definitely not. If I did, why not, then.

But, sadly enough, I don’t need to ponder upon this at all at the moment. Who knows, though, what the future brings.

What do you think about this summer tour? (The dates btw can be found HERE.) Are you going?




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