Similarity – copying or just an accident?

So, for some time ago I saw Joey post on Facebook a video about how Jason Aldean’s song Nightrain reminds a lot Joey’s song Tragedy. I watched and was a bit surprised. For the beginning of the song did sound a lot alike. But then again, it wasn’t the exact copy of it, as I somehow thought it would be. I have understood that there are some rules in copying in music industry. Now, I’m no professional and this is all about how I remember it when I heard it sometime a long time ago. It could have been it have been changed or that they have different rules in different countries. Only thing I know I remember  that I was some time told that it’s acceptable to ‘borrow’ from a song 10 seconds of it without changing the melody.

In this case it was not 10 seconds and it wasn’t even the exact copy of it. Someone in Facebook already flashed a lawsuit over this, but I don’t know. To me it wasn’t that bad. On the other hand, I’m not the one who wrote the first version of it.  But I give you that they reminded each other pretty damn much. Or what do you think?

 When wondering this, I remembered how I had made similar findings about Gavin’s songs. At first: I get confused every time I hear ‘Cheated on me’ beginning, for I some reason think it’s going to be ‘We belong together’. It never works another way around, but in this way it does. It freaks me out, for I think I should know my Gavin better already. Does anyone else share my confusion? But anyways, this was not this ‘copying’-thing we started talking about, was it?

The other things I found… At first I thought I should share my findings, but you know, suddenly I started hesitating. Especially when thinking over this convo under Joey’s FB status. I don’t want cause any lawsuits, for sure, or any harm to anybody. So, I decided I’ll just say I found some similarities from some Gavin’s songs with some other artists’ songs.

Bummer. Perhaps you already know what I mean.

And another thing still is the chord progressions, which cannot be copyed, I guess. At least Gavin is showing us in this next video some exactly same chord progressions and not stressing about it at all, rather finding it funny. And, telling anybody to do it, to try some chord progressions of the songs they like and make them their own. They’re in the background, so they don’t matter, right? I, myself, hadn’t noticed this before I heard him telling it, and it was fun and amazing thing for me to realize. I have tried it out a bit, when I tried to make my Crappy song for Gavin as a birthday present – but, I’m not a music maker, not a slightest. I scribbled something, then tossed the crumbled papers into the garbage bin and decided that the best gift I could give to Gavin was not to make a song for him. Made a poem instead. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should, for it includes such an amazing talent that it keeps amazing myself every time I see it. (not.) The Crappy Song can be found HERE. (oh man, distracted.) So, Gavin shows here how the chord progressions go in Chariot – and in some other songs.

 But hey. There is only so many combinations of notes and chord progressions, right? It must be inevitable to come up with the similar tones, right? The other explanation is that the other one has really enjoyed the other one and decided to give it a credit, in a way. Charles Caleb Colton has said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  And in this way it should be a flattering thought that someone has liked their music so much that they want to imitate it. The third option that comes into my mind is pure accident. I have done it myself some times. I mean, as mentioned above I don’t make music, but I write. And sometimes after reading something really cool I find myself writing in the very similar way my texts, with the style that is not mine, but I can’t help it, for I hear it in my head, in a way. Everything we hear, see, read, experience has an effect on us, totally regardless if we want it or not, or see it or not. It has.

Anyways. This time I wanted to share these similarities (which I decided not to share after all), since Joey brought it up. (He has been a lot in my mind lately, annoyingly much, if you know what I mean.)

 What do you think about these similarities, or similarities more in general level in music? Is it acceptable? Or inevitable? Or something you should try to avoid as long as you could? Or should there be some lawsuits already?


Your turn now!

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