The Sexiest Song

Today I’m whole heartedly enjoying our Gavin’s music. So whole heartedly that I decided to ask your opinion on this one. What is the sexiest song of Gavin DeGraw?


You can give your opinion voting in the next poll, and if your favorite isn’t mentioned there, just add it! I’ll tell you (and Gavin) later the results! The poll closes on 10th April, and after that I will share the results. Please share if you want them to be more accurate and represent better the whole fanbase (than just me)!


Personally I just realized yesterday what is the answer to this question for me.

I have always said that Make a Move -album’s three (or four) last songs get me in the mood pretty easily, and I have thought the sexiest song would obviously be ‘Leading Man’, for it is so overly masculine almost until into ridiculousness. But no, yesterday it just hit me. My choice (at the moment) needs to be ‘Different for Girls’. When the song starts, I go all nuts. Or it could be ‘Every Little Bit’ as well (especially with my own mishearing/mis-singing, where there is not a hole in a pocket, but rather, yes, a pole. Embarrassed, but I kept singing it like that for ages even though I knew the correct lyrics. By accident obviously.) Ha.

The way he walks around in these songs is just…  Like he would own the place, like he would own the audience, the screaming girls, everything. And enjoying it. Ha, I must admit, I kinda like men who can really be the leading ones.

I gave this more thought, though, and I realized that the 3 (or 4) last songs of Make a Move work for me so good, because they’re together. They somehow keep building up the emotion that finally explodes in Leading Man. If I separate them from each other, well, they’re all good still, but the answer to this particular question of the sexiest song would apparently be for me them all combined.

Ha, I also like bending the rules.

The certain things you thought were rules, aren’t necessarily rules.
– G (about song writing)


From other albums… Let me think. Sweeter is a sexy song, and it was the one that taught me who the heck is Gavin DeGraw anyways. I also have learned to like Radiation, though at first I didn’t much care about it. (I also have learned that Gavin himself says that these two are sexy songs ‘in the most coolest way’, but I swear this statement has nothing (much) to do with my opinion.)

Radiation is not a romantic song, at all.
– G

Well, who said anything about being romantic? For me at least sexy and romantic are way different things. I may get into romantic later on in this blog, but not today. Gavin says that the whole Sweeter album is more masculine or mature than his previous ones, or as he says even more open about his personal thoughts.

Ah, I feel like I could easily get distracted with this subject, so I guess I’ll leave it for the future. Anyways, from Sweeter those are the sexiest. Now, when I try to come up with something from the previous albums all I get into my mind are songs like ‘Free’ or ‘Belief’ or… I absolutely adore them. Love, love, love them. But they are not by any means sexy ones.


From the album Free I would pick ‘Mountains to Move’, as peculiar as it might sound, but in some way it is very sexy song. I mean, when reading through the story, between the lines, seeing the whole story behind it. I don’t know. It just makes me feel very sad when listening deeply to it, feeling heartbroken, and in the same time it gives me a glimpse of a guy who isn’t that easily beaten, you know. Who knows what he wants, who can use his words as swords if he chooses to, who is real and confident. If that is not sexy, then, well, what is?

 The album Gavin DeGraw includes plenty of songs that make me grin when hearing them. There are some pretty catchy ones, really (‘In Love With a Girl’, ‘Next to Me’, ‘I Have You to Thank’). This album for me, though, is the most distant. I don’t listen to it as often as I go through the others (my Chariot Stripped and Free albums must be worn out by now), so it’s kinda difficult to pick one. Um. I love ‘Cop Stop’. I would with pleasure put my hands up and surrender, if you get what I mean. So, I guess, for today I’ll pick this one from this particular album.

And then there’s Chariot. Oh man. How come do I have to come up with these kinds of torturous ‘pick a song’-requests? I love them all, you know. So many extremely beautiful songs, that represent the change I have been going through, and this love for G. But if I should pick the sexiest one? I guess I’ll go with ‘Chemical Party’. It gets my party mood on, that’s true. I think I like you, I sing, and it feels good. Ha.

So, my choises are as follows:

  • Different For Girls
  • Every Little Bit
  • Leading Man
  • Sweeter
  • Radiation
  • Mountains to Move
  • Cop Stop
  • Chemical Party

And if I had to, as I tried in the beginning pick just one (1) song… It’s getting quite impossible. I’m struggling between three first ones on my list. And I swear to you, I can’t choose. I just can’t. If I pick one, I feel ‘oh, but now I don’t get this one’, and if I pick the one I felt I was missing, I feel ‘uhh, but I can’t leave that one out’.


Now, your favorites? Keep it coming! What is the most sexiest song of Gavin DeGraw for you?


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