This is my Gavin

Have you guys seen this?




How. Amazing. Is. This.

This is not mine, though. I obviously haven’t bought a m&g for this tour… because I don’t live in US! Bummer.  I mean. I’m deadly envious for you US readers. I think I may never have been as envious in my life before, ha. But In the same time I’m so proud of Gavin it’s driving me mad.

This is him.

This is the man I thought I knew, and if I’m completely honest with you guys, I was starting to worry a bit. First because the new songs weren’t as meaningful to me as the old ones, secondly because he was doing this tour as an opening artist, and thirdly because of the ticket prices. I was starting to worry that maybe he is becoming all famous all the sudden. And with this I mean that I feared that he wouldn’t care about much more than making as much money and as easily as possible. And this thought has been breaking my heart. But, as it seems, I should stop worrying about my Gavin, and stop having these suspicions.

This is kind of an off the topic –thing to say, but as it crossed my mind… I bought this Best Of –album with the autograph, and I was suspicious about it. I thought that it would probably be just a copied one. But then, I suddenly saw this:




and I was kind of relieved. They wouldn’t differ if they were copied, right? So, goodbye my suspicions and be bygone.

Anyways, back to the topic. I have seen some discussion about the ticket prices and I must say that most of the comments were about not being able to go because they just are too expensive. And, if they’re paid only for the opening artist, that’s extreme. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to afford those kinds of prices even if he had come to Europe with this tour. There were comments saying that possibly the pricing was because of Shania, but in any case I don’t remember seeing anyone being happy about the prices.

After seeing several pictures of this surprise I felt at first, yes, envious, I’m not any better than that. I felt so devastated for living in somewhere overseas in the Northern periphery where nothing cool ever happens, but it soon shifted to this happiness and proudness and – yes, relief. I saw comments about this that said that maybe G wasn’t comfortable with the ticket prices and wanted to make it up this way, and that’s an explanation I can agree with. But anyways, I adore him for doing this. I have never seen something like this happening. This is so overly amazing it’s…

You know, I wrote earlier that Gavin has been such an amazing and sweet towards us fans that it’s getting hard (or even impossible) to exceed. But you know what. I think he just did that.

And, I kinda like the thought this message is suggesting.  A headlining tour coming up.


Your turn now!

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