TBT: Tweeting Gavin

Throwback time!
This post was first published on May 28th 2014.

And for a curiosity, just after I had published this one, I almost immediately saw Gavin tweet back to someone – and using every single of the 140 characters there was to use. It made me laugh, bad. I made a behavior pattern to him, and he immediately broke free from it, without knowing. Anyways, a funny coincidence in any case.

 Tweeting Gavin


The one thing I like about Gav is that he seems to tweet back occasionally. So, there’s a chance, even how slight and nonexistent, but a chance there is nevertheless, that maybe one day…

Anyways. This time I did some fine research of my own in Twitter and tried to figure out what kinds of tweets are those he seems to tweet back to.  (continue reading)


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