TBT: At the same level

It’s the Throwback Thrusday again!

This time I wanted to share some wise words from Gavin, that made me think things back when I first wrote this post. One part of it was about the simple but highly encouraging thought of going where you’re celebrated. There are so many people on this Earth, that there’s no point trying to please everybody, and that there most likely will be those who love you as you are anyways.

At least I love G as he is.


At the same level

This one is one of my favorites (how come I get the feeling I keep saying this in every post?). This really made me think. At first I wasn’t that interested, I thought that I don’t want any kids with G. (Oops, that sounded, umm. A bit… Umm. Focus, now…) I mean, I was in the mood when I wanted to have G all for myself. Do you know that feeling? That I wanted to get intimate with him. (My god, what’s wrong with me today!)

The point I’m desperately trying to make is that I wanted to hear what he is thinking. I wanted to get inside of his head. I wanted the video be totally and overly concentrated on him only. Not any kids. Not any boys or girls. Not any band members. Not any interviewers. All I wanted was Gavin.

But as soon as the video started I was very much into it. For I was impressed by G again. I guess there’s not a one interview that I’m not impressed by him.

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