The Sexiest Song – The Results

The results are here!

I asked you what is the sexiest song of Gavin DeGraw in your opinion, and this is what you guys told me.


And the award of the sexiest song of Gavin DeGraw goes to…

Leading Man

The competition with ‘Sweeter’ was tough, though. The leader was constantly changing, and in the end there was only one vote more ‘Leading Man’ got, so it could have been any way around, really. The other songs were instantly left way back.

So, I guess we fans really know what we like, right?

I’m glad to see so many of my own favorites on the most favorite -list. I told you in my previous post (HERE) that the sexiest song -combo in my opinion is definitely the three last songs of ‘Make a Move’ – album, so ‘Every Little Bit’, ‘Different for Girls’ & ‘Leading Man’, and it is absolutely impossible to tell which one. Also ‘Sweeter’ got high points from me. Go see the previous post if you’re interested to hear more about my ponderings of the sexiest song from every album.

The other favorites








The complete results



Leading Man 11 28,2 %
Sweeter 10 25,6 %
Every Little Bit 3 7,7 %
Radiation 3 7,7 %
Cop Stop 2 5,1 %
Chemical Party 2 5,1 %
In Love With a Girl 1 2,6 %
Make a Move 1 2,6 %
I Don’t Want to Be 1 2,6 %
Crush 1 2,6 %
Free 1 2,6 %
Glass 1 2,6 %
Mountains to Move 1 2,6 %
Different For Girls 1 2,6 %

Your turn now!

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