National Underground

I need to go there one day. I just need to. You know, I have started my own private ‘travel to Nashville’-fund, but it’s not getting there as fast as I would like. Bah.


The National Underground is a music venue chain launched at December 2007 (according to Wikipedia, ha), but you can also have something very nice to eat (and drink) from there. I’ve heard rumours of pretty decent burgers, and there has been also this ‘Turkey Tuesday’-thing going on. You can locate these bars in New York and in Nashville. For more info, click the logo and you’ll get there.


Oh, and it’s co-owned by the DeGraw brothers.

I’ve also seen cool videos of Gavin jamming in there. He seems always have such a great time in there and I absolutely love seeing him doing things so, uh, ‘freestyle’ can I say? Improvising so bad that is making my head swirl, and I love it. Absolutely freaking love it.

It never ceases to amaze me how talented these musicians are. You know, not just Gavin, but all of the musicians playing. How they can play together, even if someone is not quite following the rules, or giving space needed to someone who wants to continue their solo or what ever.

It just occurred to me that actually, music is a language of listening.



Your turn now!

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