Sweeter (album)

I found this very interesting video lately and it somehow encouraged me to take this album up. It’s ‘Sweeter’ this time, folks. I have written some first thoughts about ‘Make a Move’-album like a year ago and you can find it HERE if you want to see it.

No first thoughts this time. Sweeter was the very first album of Gavin DeGraw I bought, and as you might remember, by accident. I’m very happy that this certain accident did happen, but back then I had no idea who is this guy, nor did I like his face. I remember writing down that his voice and lyrics are amazing, but his looks is just, well, not my thing. Ask me this again today and you’ll get a bit different answer for it. I mean, come on. How did I not see how gorgeous this man is?

The album got my full attention as soon as I put it on back then. Somehow the first notes of ‘Sweeter’ just hit me on my face, made me stop. I wasn’t thinking a thing, I was feeling. It was like a raindrops on a very dry soil. I needed to stop. I needed to sit down. I needed to listen to it. Deeply.

I remember thinking: ‘yes, this is it.’ It was what? I didn’t know. But it was it, dear readers, it was just ‘it’.  I was getting ready to go to work and I just couldn’t move. I couldn’t leave. I needed to listen another one. And another one. And finally I decided that I could do just one more, then I needed to be going. That one started ‘Well, before you go away’, and I lauhged all by myself, because I was just leaving. Soon I wasn’t laughing, I was crying my make up off.

Do you believe in destiny? In a way this all was so freaking perfectly timed that it just could not have been just a coincidence. His voice, his music, his lyrics. It fit so perfectly in my current situation in life it just felt unbelievable. It became the accident that saved my life.  Started my journey, made me change.


Oh. But that’s not this story. I wanted to go through the album. So, now you know how I found this particular album, and I’m going to tell my short thoughts of the songs in it next. If the name of the song is orange, you can click it and read more what I have written about that song previously if you wish.

1. Sweeter
The first one I ever heard knowingly from Gavin. Still makes me smile every time. I like the statement it’s giving. That’s life, you know. Sometimes the grass is greener. My restless heart enjoyed thoroughly when listening someone say it out loud and not being a slightest ashamed of it. Oh, and my daughters absolutely love this song as well.

2. Not Over You
I was a bit bored with this one for some time, because it was all the time all over the place. It’s a great song and I love it, but when hearing it too much, it’s just not the same anymore. It’s kind of telling a story about a struggle after a meaningful relationship. Not being willing to show how much the other one is missed. But admitting it to yourself. And in a way it doesn’t sound that sad, the melody is rather happy to me. So I’m thinking at the moment, that maybe it’s telling a story about the real love this character of the song has found and just realized it, and maybe hoping to get it back. Umh. I don’t know.  I like it, but really, can we go a show without this song, please?

3. Run every time
I like this one, too. At first it made me think of how Aquarians are described in astrology (I have it as a hobby, kind of), and they would absolutely tend to ‘run every time’, for they value their personal freedom so high.  I felt it was a very real song, again, telling how things just are, not how they’re supposed to be. I felt good with it’s honesty.  And after seeing this interview above it made me, umm, a bit sad, perhaps, though it might not be the exact word of it. I don’t know how to describe it. Just look at Gavin’s eyes when he says: “Your own personal nature is not able to follow through on something. It has nothing to do with them, it’s your own personal problem”. I thought that wow, is this really telling about you? It made me sad, because what he said about giving up of ‘the one’. How can you do that? If you know you have found ‘the one’, how could you possibly give up on that person?


4.  Soldier
The first time I heard this song it made me think of Bon Jovi’s song ‘I’ll Be There For You’, for I loved that song when younger. It made me think how many times I have heard these words. ‘I’ll be there for you’, ‘I’ll take your pain’, ‘I’ll be the air you breathe’ and stuff. It made me grind my teeth with the feeling ‘I have heard this before and it never goes like that in real’. But the way it continues just turns it around.

After I just thought these thoughts, Gavin sang ‘I know you don’t believe it’, and I couldn’t help but laugh. ‘But I said it and I mean it”, he goes. It made me think, (surprise), and after listening this through several times I was almost convinced that maybe there are some people who would do that for someone special.  I love the way Gavin keeps introducing this song in his concerts. It has become one of my favorites.

Oh, and the Bon Jovi song? Here you go. Feeling nostalgic, ha.

5. Candy
This was one song that I somehow felt to be referring to myself. ‘I know you’ve learned to use your fairytales to get through the hurt’. And I have done just that, I thought. Made up some fairytales in my head to compensate the everyday troubles. But as Gavin says, ‘we can’t survive on candy’. I think this is about living the life to the full. Experiencing it all, embracing it all, and growing stronger with it.

6. You Know Where I’m at
Okay. Now we’re here. This was the song that made me cry from the very beginning of the song. I have written about it before, but shortly put, I feel this is so full of delicacy, and freedom, and love, it’s breaking my heart. Telling someone that (s)he will always have the special place in my heart but not holding them back. I mean, can anything be more beautiful than this. This is the real love, isn’t it? Not forcing the other to be something (s)he is not willing to be, but rather accepting that sometimes the life leads us in different directions. And still leaving the option open that if they would want to come back one day, they could. I just love this song. Love.


7. Stealing
Yes. Loving this one, too. This was the first song from the whole Sweeter-album that I learned to sing through, and I still just love singing it along. I love that it is very different from the other songs on this album, and I would so much want to hear it live one day. The story is very real, again.  Just as Gavin says in the interview above: ‘my time’s running out while we both are getting dressed’ is the line. It is just the line that describes it all, you know. I have always thought that, maybe not as clearly, but I have always felt that exact line is the thing for this song.

8. Radiation
At first I didn’t actually like much this song. I found it too confusing or disturbing somehow to me. ‘If I never want to see you again I won’t’, he sings. I felt it was somehow, I don’t know, unrespectful thing to say. But later I thought it all over again and I found from it something else, too. I found the aspect that it’s not easy to hold on to this decision. ‘We had some fun, did some things’, he goes. And so it starts all over again.

The one thing I never thought before hearing Gavin talking about this song. ‘You’re just as hot as radiation’. I always thought that the word ‘radiation’ was referring to, I don’t know, the radiation from the sun, or something more ‘warm’ – here you can also see how language skills can affect on understanding the songs… but now when G said it, it suddenly turned into my mind to mean something else. Oooh, I thought. Radiation… so like from some nuclear source or something as bad. So this is what it really means. Ha. Makes sense, though. I always wondered a bit this word used.  Nowadays I just love it’s groove.

9. Where You are
Another extremely beautiful song for me. ‘I’m beginning to change, cause I feel all my fears slip away’ was my pesonal motto for a long time.  If ‘You Know Where Im At’ was about the real love, this one is about the stubborn love. Never giving up, you know. ‘I want to be where you are’, and ‘your love will be my last’, and this is the place it is said out loud and followed through. Love, love it.


10. Spell It Out
I like also this one. It’s more difficult for me to catch completely, though. I love the part ‘I’m really getting used to being in this dream’. It makes me think that being with someone special is very dream-like thing to experience.  Even now, when only reading through the lyrics I get goosebumps. It’s the very vulnerable moment of realizing that it’s not only a dream.

And, obviously it made sense to me also in another level: ‘it was almost as if you already knew my language’. This is the exact feeling of mine when I first listened this album through.

Gavin has this amazing ability to speak through my mind. Of many of our’s minds I guess. It never ceases to amaze me.

So, good thing I bought accidentally this album, for it started something very special and precious in my life.  What do you think about the album ‘Sweeter’?


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