Mountains to Move

This song makes me feel so very sore inside, but I can’t stop listening to it. I know I listed it on my list of the sexiest songs, and it might feel a bit odd choice to make, but I still feel it. I tried to explain it a bit in my previous post (HERE), but I’ll happily do it again.

Just take a good look first. This is how the song goes:

I have said it so many times that it could have lost its meaning, but it haven’t, really. The thing that I love especially Gavin’s ingenious lyrics. That there is always something more in them. Something bigger, or deeper, or the perspective is completely different. Anything, but similar to others, the ones I have gotten used to so bad and got bored of. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Actually, I think it might be the same thing that keeps me all mesmerized when watching any interview of him. It seems that everything he says makes so much sense I can only, well, be amazed. It can be just a tiny bit different view, or a one word different used. It doesn’t have to be changing everything at the same time. Rather changing everything with a one small piece at a time. Pushing my walls just a bit further. Just a bit. But when it happens every single time, the change he has made me go through is rather gigantic. I wouldn’t be here today, as I am now, if there wasn’t Gavin.

Um. Distracted. I was going to talk about ‘Mountains to Move’.

One of the first thoughts I had of this song was ‘G, are you the mountain?’.

This thought originated from the fact that G’s star sign is Aquarius and Aquarians tend to be like that sometimes. If they made up their mind they can be very stubborn. And I mean very. (As a mother of one I would know.) Until they made it up again and behave right opposite what they just said. They can act very unexpectedly, and I mean very. Or, no, they ‘can’ not, but they ‘will’. Anyways, I thought that the song could be telling that G is not to be moved easily.

I try to keep in mind that the songs are not about G, but about some probably fictional characters, but I have to admit that it’s very easy sometimes to forget it. Well, in any case, this song is extremely full of meanings, unsaid words behind the ones that have been said. The whole story behind the  almost 6 minutes. That’s one of his talents, saying so much with so few words. Leaving space for the thoughts and feelings of the listener. And I guess that’s one thing that makes these songs so personally touching.

Some songs are just a glimpse of a short moment of time. Telling a thought, or a small happening in the life, or then how hot someone is. Well, don’t you agree? But if we take ‘Mountains to Move’, it’s like a whole long movie compared to those I mentioned before.  It’s a glimpse, too, but the whole picture can be seen from the empty spaces between the words.

And the story? I guess we all have our own interpretation of it, but this is mine.


The relationship has never been easy. There has been ups and downs, and there have been passionate feelings for each other. They have argued, they have broken up, they have come back together. She has been trying to achieve something, make something to happen, maybe change him to a person she needs him to be. Although there is this bond combining their lives, they’re still very different persons, who want different things from their lives. And it seems even this bond can’t keep them together anymore. They have been through many things, they have grown closer to each other, but in the end there is only this moment when the final decision is to be made. Which one makes it? She is angry when leaving, for sure, but isn’t it just some reaction to something he has done or left undone? Is he deliberately pushing her away? ‘I guess I win’, he says.

‘Good luck out there, getting  what you think you’re headed for’, he goes. He has got enough of this need of change that she has, he has got enough of not being enough for her. Once he loved her so much that there was no space left for any kind of a fear, she meant everything to him. ‘There was nothing I wouldn’t do’, he said, but then the reality steps in. She doesn’t change either, and the sweet infatuation of the first part of the relationship when not knowing everything about the other, believing that everything will just be perfect crumbles down. He makes the realization that ‘the world on the surface just doesn’t show you what it hides’. Maybe they didn’t trust that just being themselves would be enough, maybe the whole relationship had started from the wrong direction. They had this feeling to be something more than they were to be able to keep the other one’s interest. Maybe they didn’t trust each other. Maybe it wasn’t love after all. Maybe it was possessiveness, jealousy, owning the other person. Maybe they looked so good together they didn’t want to see the depths of their relationship. They both end up being bitter and furious because the fairytale came to an end. And sad.

It’s hard to let go even if it is the best they can do.

‘Go spread the news’, he says. She has been doing that every time they have been broken up before, so he knows what to expect. He knows that soon everybody will know how everything has been only his fault and that he will get (unfairly) judged by people who really doesn’t need to know anything about it.

He is relieved that the whole scene is over. He feels frustrated about the fact that he was not enough, and that she couldn’t love him just as he was. He feels frustrated that she didn’t understand better, that she didn’t change either. He feels perhaps even a slight condescension, for he believes that she will never  find the perfection she seeks, and after all he feels that he is still more right in this than she has ever been.


The theme of the song seems to be about the power struggles in the relationship. They’re been trying to change each other to be more like what they want their partner to be, and either of them will not settle down for anything less. There’s not a chance for a compromise, neither of them is willing to budge, and so they both have their mountains to move.

What is your story? How do you interpret this one?



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