A short and silly post of bliss

I have been superhappy last week. Why? Because of Gavin, of course. It couldn’t be any more obvious that my mood swings somehow always originate from him. Should I be worried? Ashamed? Well, I’m neither. At least not in this flying high –phase of mine. Ha.

I have told you before that I have had these strange coincidences with G, sometimes just knowing what will happen next, sometimes just feeling anxious and excited for no reason and soon finding out something cool will happen, sometimes just him answering my unasked questions at the moment in the concert I’m thinking them… the list goes on. It’s funny. Do you guys have these? Am I making these up in my head?

Don’t know. Anyways, this time, the reason for my sudden bliss is that Gavin is coming to Europe. At last. At this moment I know only about this Songbird Festival in Netherlands, but one can always hope, right?

The coincidence with this info was the traditional one. A couple of days before I learned about this festival I started to think a whole lot of G, planning my next ‘speech’ to him if ever to be able to meet him again, even though I had no idea when would he even come to Europe. I was getting on my G-mood again, and I liked it even back then. And suddenly, boom. There it was.


And, you know, even though I’m not planning to go there (oh gosh, did I just say that out loud, bad fan, bad  fan…), this makes me so ridiculously happy it’s… well, ridiculous. I have been just staring out of my window and sighing out of pure happiness and love. I can’t explain it. It is weird, even to me, but I’m enjoying this way too much to be able to complain.

It just feels good. It feels right.

I know I would go if there was more dates to look forward to. But I’m not that desperate (yet) that I would use my very little spare money for travelling somewhere distant and then seeing him like once. Well, yes, I know, I have done that before, but this time… I promised that in the next European tour I would do 3 concerts. Ha. One is just not enough.

Fingers crossed!! Let there be a whole tour as well!

Are you going?


Your turn now!

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