Thank you, Gavin

This next letter written to Gavin made me literally cry when I read it. It was so beautifully said and described so perfectly the same thing I have been trying to tell. Somehow it captured it all that I haven’t been able to say so clearly. I have stumbled through the words and stories and all, but I have always felt that I’m not capturing it. Not in a way I would want to. In a way it would have a meaning.


Then I found this letter written by Jackie Stroud-Painter and I was happily surprised and amazed. It made me think that maybe that is our Gavin’s superpower some sort, to make us feel better when being ourselves. Giving us strength. Encouraging us, giving us the hope that in this world there still is something good and kind.

It sounds a bit odd to say, or to think that one person could have such a huge impact on so many, but this man has. I don’t know how he does it, or why his music and whole character does these things to me and to us all, but I sure am glad that it works in a way it works.

I have always said that I found Gavin by accident (buying his album Sweeter (more about that in HERE) without knowing at all who this guy even was, more of this can be found HERE), but actually I’m beginning to feel it wasn’t any accident, really, but rather a destiny of some sort. I knew it immediately when I heard the first notes of the first song. ‘This is it’, I found myself thinking.

I would like to believe that there is something greater in this world. My mom just said to me that in this life we are meant to have some certain people in our lives and those people will come in to our lives in a way or another. I’m so happy that Gavin has come in my life.


Like Jackie in her letter writes, after the first Gavin concert I was sparkling inside. I couldn’t stop staring into the sky and the distance, for my heart was so full of joy and meaning. I knew right then and there that I was in the exact place I was supposed to be at that moment.

I have tried to tell about the change that Gavin’s music has made me go through HERE, and I have tried to describe the reasons for my love for him HERE, and I actually have written my own thank you -letter that can be found HERE, but I feel like words can never be enough, and words are all I have.

A long way to say I loved this letter and I sure hope Gavin will see it some day!

This is what Jackie wrote:


This is my way of explaining so much that I keep trying to say to him without meeting him.

Thank You Gavin DeGraw

Written by: Jackie Stroud-Painter

Simple spoken words can mean more than just a gesture. I am unable to attend concerts due to my income issues but I am a die-hard fan. I live and breathe Gavin DeGraw and his music. He inspired me to write my first book and is getting me through the second book. I published a letter to him so that maybe by small chance that he would read it and respond. I try to catch his songs on the radio and he seems to be what I always have on my phone. It’s more than just his music but his kindness to others that draws me towards him. I am yet to meet the man that has changed my life and my world. When I flip through the pages of my book it puts me back to where I was when I wrote them. Despite the trials that I have faced he has been a constant for the last seven years and I am in debt to him for every moment of them.

It’s a picture of him with a fan and a smile on his face that makes me know that he was put here for reasons that only my heart can explain. Thank you are two words that mean so much more than what they are. Thank you doesn’t begin to say what I feel for what he has put in my heart. After seeing him in concert walking home in the rain I felt things in my heart that where like lightning bolts. I have never believed that I found Gavin by chance but by pure destiny.

You could say that I am taking the long way around this just to say thank you Gavin for so many reasons that I just can’t explain. Thank you for waking up my heart and making me see what I didn’t know was there. Maybe by the chance of destiny I will get to thank you in person for all the things you have done for me. You are a blessing and a sign that there is still love in the world. I breathe in this moment and know that my world will never be the same as long as I can hear you sing. I am forever changed because of you!


The original letter can be found HERE.


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