Operation Manchester: Part 2

Part 2



Yay. I’m done. I’ve finally managed to book everything needed for my operation Manchester. I haven’t been updating this adventure, as I haven’t been blogging at all lately. Things just got in the way, so to speak. Anyways, I said, 3 concerts, and 3 concerts it is.

First: 31th October in Manchester (with M&G)
Second: 1th November in London
Third: 6th November in Stockholm (with M&G)

I like what I see! That means something very serious planning and organizing, though.

After booking the tickets I forgot all about it for some time. I thought that I can get the hotels and flights and trains and cruises when ever I want. But that’s a bit tricky thought, because time flies, you know. And suddenly I realized that gosh, I have only my hotels in Manchester and London and my flight to Manchester and my flight from London arranged. I had no idea how to get from Manchester to London, nor had I given a slightest thought for the Stockholm-part of the plan.

I was getting a bit nervous.

It was only on this week when I finally got myself doing the thing. I booked a train ticket from Manchester to London and cruises to Stockholm as well as the hotel from there. I’m fully done! Yay, now I can relax and start preparing myself mentally for meeting our guy.

What is amusing to me, is that I will be using almost every single transport there is on this “operation”. I’ll fly to UK. I’ll travel by train in there, with underground, too. I’ll go by bus to Helsinki, and by boat from there to Stockholm. And, since I know Stockholm so little, and it keeps terrifying me for some reason, I might find myself calling a taxi as well to help me to get to my hotel.

And, my schedule is pretty much full with all these things for those weekends. But I’m not complaining, I love it. I absolutely freaking love it.

Suddenly it is almost here. 17 days to go.

What to say to him? That is the next question. And, what to wear? Eek.



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