Reading minds

Have you ever been in a situation when you think about something, and suddenly someone else starts to talk about the same thing? My daughters seem to have this magical power of reading my mind at least. But so does Gavin.

Let me explain.

I wrote a long time ago this post about ‘the water bottle story’, go SEE if you like, and right there and then he answered my question in mind immediately. Ha.

It seems to happen also when I watch some videos of his. I find it very amusing, and sometimes pretty damn touching when it happens. And it works another way around, too. There have been so many videos that I just start smiling before he says something, because somehow I just know what he is going to say. And oh the feeling when he does…

I wonder if this clicking with my mind is one of the reasons I’m so deeply infatuated by him.

This time, on this Acoustic evening with Gavin DeGraw -tour, it happened again. It was in Manchester show (my story about it HERE if you’re intrested), when I had absolutely no idea what songs he would play. And the songs he did sing were just the ones I was hoping to hear.

In that way it felt like the whole freaking tour was a huge attempt of reading my mind.  It’s so beautiful that Gavin wanted to go back to the old songs, that he let himself to show his softer side, the deep one, ‘artsy’ one, as he said. But I don’t mean that, actually.

At one point Gavin stood up from his piano, walked towards us and took his mike, looked the crowd for a moment in a silence, just sighed and said ‘yeah’ and went back to the piano. I was thinking ‘oh my god, it’s Belief, it’s going to be Belief, if he would introduce that song, it would be like this’ – and do you guess what song it was?




I cried so much. I love the song so much. I love Gavin’s voice in it so much. I love the feeling, the passion, the own world of thought he is slipping away with this one. This song feels like it’s purifying me. I don’t have a better word for it. When the last sounds of Gavin’s beautiful voice fade away, I can only sigh deep, because of the relief and the happiness, and the fulfillment. It feels like he has just dragged me through of something extremely deep and I made it. We made it together.

So, even if I wanted it or not, his mind clicks with mine so bad it’s confusing. Do I make any sense? Do you have similar experiences?


Your turn now!

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