Videos from the Acoustic evening with Gavin DeGraw European tour

Ever since the dawn of mankind we have belonged to a tribe…

It’s good to know this is mine

This particular tour was phenomenal. It was like Gavin at his purest. I have said it before, but I’m not hesitating to repeat myself. It was amazing, it was touching, it was magical. It was music and its magic, it was Gavin and his magic, it was Billy Norris and Mike Baker and their magic. It was the magic of the tribe being together, sharing things together. Sharing the love. And it was amazing.


Mike Baker


Billy Norris

As you might remember I decided not to play with my phone in these concerts. And I’m happy I didn’t. So, all the videos are taken by other people, but it doesn’t change anything. Just look at these!

I feel so honored and privileged that I have been able to be there, seeing some of these beautiful moments. The reason why I so much love Gavin DeGraw is here. This is it.

@GavinDeGrawNorway  had made a playlist in YouTube of these songs, too.

And, I certainly do hope that Gavin will take this tour to the US as well, for it is way too good being played in Europe only.


Your turn now!

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