TBT: The secret of degrawement

Originally posted on 16th June 2014

The next post sums up pretty much the reason why I do think that Gavin is so special. At least I did my best back then, and enjoyed a whole lot when putting this all together. Take a look and tell me if you agree – or if I have missed something.

The Secret of Degrawement

There is something quite magical about Gavin DeGraw. I have been pondering this subject over and over again and finally I have something to share. What is it that makes Gavin so amazing? Let me tell you what I think.


The bits of it

  • 1) The voice
  • 2) Sincerity, openness, genuinity
  • 3) The way of encountering the crowd/fans
  • 4) Doing what he loves, loving what he does, having fun
  • 5) Being at the same level
  • 6) Feelings, sharing, giving, not hiding, being himself
  • 7) Sense of humour
  • 8) Intelligence, deep thoughts, ingenious lyrics
  • 9) Putting up a show
  • 10) Looks

Okay, next I try to open up each of these sections. The interpretations presentated are mine only, I have no clue about what Gavin would say about these or how would he feel about them. But anyways, that’s all I got to give. So, here goes!



Your turn now!

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