The favorites from Chariot

How about we go finding out our favorites from every Gavin DeGraw album there is?

Let’s start with this one!


It’s a bit difficult for me to pick a certain song to be more ‘favorite’ than the others, but I’m keen to know your favorites anyways. I’m starting a new series of blog posts based on this mission of finding the most favorite songs. There will be a poll concerning every album there is, and a result post usually 3 weeks later. When we have gone through them all, I’m going to do a blog post with the 3 most favorites from every album, and we’ll see if we can agree with that!

The poll will be open 2 weeks from now, the last day to vote is 21st December.

Or actually, I guess it’s not really closing ever, but the votes given by that time will be taken into account.

If there shall be several songs sharing the same amount of votes, then I have to do the hard decision and pick only 3 of the songs moving on to the ‘Ultimate album’.  I would really appreciate your time and vote, so please, don’t hesitate at all! Please pick 3 most favorites from the album ‘Chariot’.


And the options are:

So, Chariot was the one that started this journey. It was a start of something good, right? I bet you know what the songs are like, but I had so much fun when compiling this playlist, that I just needed to share it with you, too. It’s always nice to have a excuse to go through so many videos on a day!

Oh, and my favorites? Do you want to know? I said it’s difficult, but geez. It’s even harder than it seems.

Chariot is definitely one of them, especially the stripped version of it (I have a tattoo with a clef and a maple leaf with words ‘my strength’, so…) I don’t want to be, obviously (the one that started my journey of finding the true me). Just 3? My goodness. More than anyone? Nice to meet you anyway? Oh, oh, and Belief! Oooohhh… I’m getting a headache! I want them all! Chemical party, Follow through, Crush…? Damn. I seriously hope you guys give your vote, for I will have such a hard time picking otherwise!


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