The favorites from Chariot – the results!

First of all

Thank you all who gave your vote! The results of the ‘Favorites from Chariot’ -poll are here!



I know it must have not been easy, but the winner seems to be rather clear.  There’s actually no misconception whatsoever with this one. This particular song was immediately getting the most votes, and it even spurted even further in the end. I must admit that the song voted the most was a bit of a surprise to me, but I wholeheartedly agree with it.  With total amount of 21,8 % of all the given votes the winner is ‘Belief’!

I absolutely adore this song! It’s so beautiful, so full of meanings, so delicate and touching. And I’m so, so happy that I was able to hear it live on this Acoustic Tour. That was one of my dreams come true, right there!

Some thoughts of mine of the song can be found HERE, but the words don’t do justice to this one. You just need to let go, and let Gavin lift you away.


The song that was ranked second on this poll was pretty clear, too. With these two songs that got the most votes there was no change happening throughout the voting time. Belief was winning from the beginning and this song was the second all the time. So, with 16,7 % of the given votes the second place goes to ‘More Than Anyone’!

I so much love this song, too! The way Gavin makes the audience to sing with him when playing this one, is really cool and it makes me always feel so good to be part of that experience!


Okay. I said that the three most voted songs will get to the ‘Ultimate Song Collection’ that will be compiled while these polls take place, in time. So, from the album ‘Chariot’ the third one wasn’t that easy to find. There were several songs on the third place during the poll, but in the end it was found out that this has really been a start of something good!  12,8 % of the votes and therefore the third place goes to ‘Follow Through’!

It was a tight fight with ‘Chariot’ at some point, but ‘Follow Through’ made it through.  I would have possibly picked ‘Chariot’ from these two, but I actually love the whole album so much, that I’m happy with any results, really!


The total amount of votes that I took into account (the votes given in time to the poll, and also some favorites that people was telling straightly to me, but considered being a part of this fancy survey) was 78. ‘Belief’ with almost 22 % of all the given votes got 17 clicks, ‘More Than Anyone’ 13 votes, and ‘Follow Through’ 10 votes.

One thing that made me a bit surprised was that ‘Over-Rated’ got so few votes (2), and was actually voted ‘the least favorite’ of this album. I absolutely love that song! And also, ‘I Don’t Want to Be’ didn’t do that good either, ranked in the middle (with 7 clicks).  But yeah, when accompanied with all these great songs, it’s difficult to put one song above another, at least for me. I said I’m happy for any results, and I am, but if you would have asked me to do this, I wouldn’t be able to tell.  So, I’m happy that you guys did it for me! Thank you for voting, again!

You can still give your opinion on the question, if you haven’t done it yet, but these three songs mentioned in this entry will be included in the final favorites of all Gavin DeGraw albums. The poll can be found from HERE.

Okay, if you insist to know what would I have chosen to be my favorites from this album, I would have said… ‘Belief’, ‘Chariot’ and ‘Meaning’. (It may seem as if it was easy to choose, but it really took some long and winding moments of hair pulling and nail biting.)


The results

Here are the complete results!



Your turn now!

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