15 Days of Gavin DeGraw: The last Gavin song heard (Day 1)

The first day of the challenge has started pretty good! I had some good excuse to listen to Gavin (as if I would ever need one), and I have seen a lot of people taking part to this challenge! I’m so happy to see it!

You can find the challenge and the themes for the next 15 days from HERE, if you haven’t seen them yet. Use #15GDG to participate!


The first question wasn’t that hard one, was it? Though, it’s hard to know what would the ‘last Gavin song heard’ be when constantly listening to his music, and not knowing if there would be still another one. But, you got to stop at some point, and for me the latest song today was ‘Cop Stop’. I have always liked the song a whole lot, and it has always made me smile – and now even more, after this European Acoustic Tour where Gavin kept saying that this particular song didn’t make any f****** sense, but at least it did rhyme. And on this next video he is having so much fun when singing it that it was yet another reason for me to smile.

What made me happy as well was to see how many different songs were mentioned today. Here are only some of the examples.

#15DaysOfGavinDeGraw Day 1: Last Gavin Song Heard was "Stay" #15GDG

A post shared by Heather (@mad4hatter13) on

#15DaysOfGavinDeGraw Day 1: The last Gavin song heard was Sweeter #15GDG

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Also, here are some songs that was mentioned, too!

I absolutely love all of the songs mentioned! If I would have chosen one by myself and not let the fate decide today, I might have gone with ‘Looking for Your Name’, because I have been listening to it a lot lately. But it wasn’t the question, was it?

Have you given a thought for the tomorrow’s question yet? I know it will be much harder, for me at least!


Your turn now!

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