15 days of Gavin DeGraw – The best live performance seen (Day 2)

At first this question made me feel terrified. Because I knew I couldn’t choose. I tried to come up with just a song, or a video that Gavin had made more special than others, but suddenly I realized the answer, and when I did the answer was crystal clear, really.


The best live show I have seen is by far with no questioning whatsoever the whole European Acoustic Tour -thing on November 2015. I mean, just wow! I have never seen something like that, I have never experienced that kind of passion, that kind of intensity, I have never enjoyed more in any concert before. The whole set list was like planned specifically for me, the songs I needed to hear, the songs I had been hoping to hear for so long, the songs that meant so much to me. You can see stories from my adventures on that tour from HERE, HERE and HERE. So, that will be my answer, all the three shows I was happy enough to be in on this Acoustic Tour. When I heard it would be an acoustic one, I was already excited, but when seeing it, being really there… it was so much better I had even dreamed of. Gavin has this kind of effect on me every time. Always exceeding my expectations.


But, if I try to think of one song that would somehow be over the others, it would still be from the show in London 27th February 2014, that was my first ever Gavin’s concert and because of that it was more than amazing. For some reason this song brings the whole thing into my mind so strongly, that I really can’t listen to this through without some tears in my eyes.

You have given your answers, as well, and it seems that your choices were not that tough either, but you rather knew with no hesitation what was the best for you. Just look at these memories! They are making me wish I could go to see Gavin again in a concert, like right now!

I’m so happy and proud of Gavin to see how much fun you all have been having in his concerts and how many beautiful memories you – we all – have been making in those times. Seeing Gavin perform live is always something special, and meeting some fellow GGs is making the whole thing even better. Don’t you agree?


Your turn now!

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