15 days of Gavin DeGraw: Acoustic vs the whole band (Day 3)

This question, I’m afraid, doesn’t have a simple answer, at all. The both given options have their good sides and if you ask me, I wholeheartedly enjoy both of them. Should I put one above another, I would have a really hard time.


I know I answered that the best performance of Gavin I have seen was the European Acoustic Tour, and it was. It was so perfectly fitting into my mood, I was ready for some acoustic show, just as I some days need to listen Chariot Stripped more than the other albums. But, even all this said, I do love the whole band gorgeousness and rocking the place -attitude, too. And some days that is just what I need. So, this is a huge dilemma for me. I cannot choose just one of these options. It’s like I chatted with a friend about the most favorite song of Gavin, and I came up just nothing, I said only that I can’t pick any song above another, and if I need to choose, I’ll choose Gavin. As simple as that.

I think this one is a similar question for me. I want to have the both options, I want to see more acoustic tours, for sure, and I want to see more shows with the whole band, as well!

Okay, but the question today included also a tiny word after the given options: why?

I guess that Gry here has said it pretty perfectly:

15 day of @gavindegraw day 3; Acoustic VS full band and why.
To be fair I love both but for different reasons. The full band is amazing. There’s a volume and an energy that makes me feel so alive! The guys have a chemistry between them that allows them to deliver all of Gavin’s songs in the best possible way. They make him better tbh. Or I should say; they complete him. So that’s awesome.
The acoustic shows though, are all about the music, all about the skills, all about the musicianship! The way it’s stripped down to essentials and then rebuilt the “old fashioned” way is spectacular. You get to hear every beautiful sound there is coming from their instruments and not from a computer and it is pretty overwhelming.
So there’s no acoustic VS full band, only acoustic AND full band imo!

I agree with everything said.

Gavin seems to be so versatile, so capable of doing things in so many different ways, that he can never stop being anything but amazing to me.

There were plenty of you sharing the same opinion, that it’s both, not one over another. Others wanted to have the whole band, because of the band itself is so great, and the players in it would definitely be missed. Others hoped for an acoustic show/tour, and I do too wish that Gavin would do one in the US, too.

I think they both are so good, the experience is always so great whether there is the whole band or just Gavin himself. For me personally they both work like magic as long as there is Gavin.


Your turn now!

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