15 days of Gavin DeGraw – Dreams of Gavin? (Day 4)

This time the question was about dreams. It was a bit lighter subject, and why not, really? I have written about the same thing previously, telling more about my dreams that I have had of Gavin (CLICK), but let’s just say that the answer to today’s question for me is obviously… Yes, I have had them. Several. Or more. Countless really.


My dreams of Gavin have always been very respectful and printable in every way. In one of them he came to visit us in my home. My kids were there, my husband was there, everything was feeling so real that in the morning I was for a second really confused and unsure if that did happen in real. But yeah, just a dream. He refused to sing Belief in that dream even though I kept asking for it. He played with my kids. He even chatted with my husband about some American chainsaws. Ha! He seems to know my hubby, very well, indeed.

The latest dream at the moment must have been the one where he saw me from a distance, walked straight to me and hugged me like forever. It was so gooood dream!

But yeah, you have been having some dreams of the man, as well. Just look at these!

So, yeah, we do have dreams of Gavin, and yeah, why wouldn’t we, right?

Oh, and speaking of dreams… This is one of my all time favorite songs.


Your turn now!

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