15 days of Gavin DeGraw – The most meaningful lyric (Day 6)

Okay, if the previous question was a tough one, this one must be like impossible. It doesn’t mean that Gavin wouldn’t have any lyrics that have some meaning to me, but quite the opposite. So many of his lyrics make so much sense to me and make me think things a bit differently, seeing hidden connections and meanings, giving hope and strength… that the most meaningful one isn’t that easy to spot.


The first ones that come to my mind are as follows:

  • “I’m beginning to change, cause I feel all my fears slip away.” (Where You Are)

This was my personal motto at that point when Gavin’s music was fully making it’s impact on me. I got so much strength from his music that it was ridiculous. I kept singing this part, over and over again. And, concerning strength…

  • “Give me your strength.” (Chariot)

This was my mantra of some sort back then. For… you know. What I just wrote. These days I proudly wear a sign on my chest, my first ever tattoo that says ‘my strength’ with a clef and a maple leaf.

  • The whole ‘Free‘ -song.

Somehow it just describes… me. You know. Gives me the permission to be me. It is my anthem, kind of, and one of my all time favorite songs (as you might have reasoned if noticing the name of this blog).

Also the ones mentioned already by others:

In it’s own strange way this previous one gives me strength, too. Determination.  You know. When you’ve come so far, you can’t just stop and stare, you need to take the leap of faith, right? Follow your dreams. You can’t always know how it is going to end, but sometimes it is the only way.

And the next one, as well. I just love the thought, just because I can so much relate to it. It’s like written for me and Gavin, ha. The first time I heard his music I got this exact feeling and thought, and I was so amazed, right from the start. It has been 4 years now, and counting, and he manages to amaze me still every day.

#15GDG #15DaysOfGavinDeGraw Day 6: Most Meaningful Lyrics To You #GavinDeGraw

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Or this one (made by gskath, shared by tinkfan47 – sorry ladies, I couldn’t share your photo otherwise than just stealing it in cold blood.). I’m really happy to be part of this tribe!


‘Everything Will Change’ was mentioned several times, and I do like the song, too, and especially the line that I saw over again:

  • “Take those boots off the shelf, wipe that dust of yourself, even if you’re been through hell you’re back.”

I also love the lyrics of ‘Belief’ and ‘Mountains to Move’ and ‘Spell it Out’ and so many others, but for me personally, the most meaningful lyric of all times, as boring as it might be, would definitely be the whole thought behind ‘I Don’t Want to Be’.

That was the song that made me start this journey of becoming who I have always been. More of that, if you just CLICK.

Also, concerning lyrics… I once made this fancy compilation of all kinds of Gavin songs and wrote a ‘letter’ to him using nothing else but his lyrics. It was really fun!! You can find that letter from HERE, if you’re interested.

So. Gavin’s lyrics are so ingenious, so touching, so full of meanings, that it makes this question really an impossible one. They all mean something to me. That man can really say that arguing was always his forte, don’t you agree?



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