15 days of Gavin DeGraw – Have you met the man and what happened? (Day 7)

I’m glad there’s a fun question between all these terrible difficult ones, as well! This one makes me smile. Makes me feel so good. And reading all of your stories makes me feel so happy for each and everyone of you, too! Gavin is so special, and when meeting him, everything suddenly seems to take their place. When standing next to him, I feel like I’m right where I belong.


Okay, that did give me away, didn’t it. I have met the man, thrice. You can find all my stories of the meetings with Gavin in detail from HERE (September 20th 2014), HERE (October 31st 2015) and HERE (November 6th 2015) if you wish. A short summary coming up next!

So yes, I have met him. The first time was so bad it was ridiculous, really. I was so scared and nervous that I was shaking and I couldn’t say a thing, and I’m not even exaggerating. It was so bad that I only wished that I could turn back time and not go to see him at all, in one word: embarrassed. Badly. But Gavin was so sweet and nice, and so warm and beautiful that it made it much easier to bare.

The second time was so much better! It was a nice tiny chat about his drawing skills, about Finland – oh, and me spelling my name right! I also gave him something I wrote trying to explain what his music has done in my life. He promised to read it and that he was ‘looking forward to reading it’. Yeah. I wonder if he ever did.

The last time was… Surprising. He almost kinda remembered me and that was the first thing that made me go all nuts. Then he was so much more sparkly or mischievous or ‘personal’ or something that it totally blew my mind. He was in really good mood that night. I managed to chat with him a bit more again, and it felt so good. So, so good.

And now I’m waiting for him to announce the next European Tour so I can go and start practicing to speak with him once again. Three times is not enough, not nearly enough, if you ask me. But I might say the same even if I had met him as many times as mad4hatter13 here…

So, have you met Gavin DeGraw?

And as many of the tweets and all seem to say, Gavin is always so nice and caring and respectful when meeting fans. Somehow he makes the situation feel like there’s no rush and he has all the time in the world just for you, even if it would be just a quick one. At least, that’s how I have felt. He is giving all his attention to the person who has took her/his time to come and meet him in person, and it feels so good. He is treating us so good that nothing less is ever going to satisfy me. (Poor other artists, ha!)

But yeah, meeting Gavin is something to look forward to, trust me!



Your turn now!

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