15 days of Gavin DeGraw – A song you would want to hear live (Day 9)

This one was a pretty easy one, right? I would say: anything! Without hesitation anything goes. If it is Gavin singing, I’m willing to listen just about anything. But if we try to think a little bit more specifically, it gets tricky. I dreamed of hearing ‘Free’ and ‘Belief’ one day live, and that dream came beautifully true on that European Acoustic Tour. After it I kept saying that it felt like the whole set list was planned for me, for it included every song I have ever wanted to hear Gavin singing live. But that’s not quite true. It included almost all of them, if I’m honest.


After I got my reasoning at this point, the answer of the question became obvious. I need to hear ‘Waterfall’ one day! That is so crazy beautiful song. And also ‘Mountains to Move’ would be nice. Oh, or ‘Dreams’, that’s something I want to hear, too. So, my bucket list includes at this point especially these three songs.

The ones you mentioned included for example these:


So, it seems there are still a lot songs we want to hear. And frankly, I wouldn’t mind hearing them a couple of times more, too!


Your turn now!

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