15 days of Gavin DeGraw – The favorite interview (Day 11)

When this question popped up I knew immediately what interview I would pick to be as my favorite one. I saw several others to mention the same interview and I thought that maybe I should try to come up with something else, just to bring up the variety, but I couldn’t choose. All I know I love watching Gavin’s interviews, for there is every time something that makes me think a bit differently than before. But there’s only one that I can’t get off my mind.

DAY 11

And the interview is this:

Just listen to him speak in this one. It boggles my mind to see him to speak this openly, sincerely. I feel honored to being able to see this, somehow. It feels like he is trying to describe something so very vulnerable or so intimate and personal thing that it just… I just love this. So much.

It makes me think that if the thing I’m getting from Gavin when he is on stage, is really a huge thing, and it makes me fly like days or weeks afterwards – and he then tells us that he is getting the same thing back ‘tenfold’. I mean, just wow. He says that performing live is kind of a drug to him, and I could agree, being in his concerts is just as addictive drug to me, too. It’s a very special thing to be there, share the moment with others, to actually participate to the whole thing. The best thing, if you ask me.

Besides the one already mentioned (it got so many mentions, it’s really amazing!) your favorites included for example…

Also many of you did find it difficult to pick any particular interview over the others, and you just ended up saying ‘them all’. Yeah, that would be my answer as well, if I didn’t pick the one I did.

I could listen to him speak for hours, you know?


Your turn now!

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