All these following quotes have been heard from Gavin sometimes, somewhere. If you have something to add, please add!


  • Go where you’re celebrated. And if you’re not celebrated where you are, you go where you are celebrated.
  • Charm on the stage – I think that is the key ingredient.
  • You sing how you feel and you sing how the song makes you feel.
  • You can’t help what you like.
  • Booty shaking is a lot like pizza. Even when your booty shaking is bad, you know, somebody is still gonna think it’s pretty good.
  • The great thing about a song is that the song continues.
  • Sometimes it’s important for you to put yourself out there and put your dreams in front of you and kinda step out and grab a hold of them.
  • If I’m doing what I love, I never have to practise.
  • Music is an evolution.
  • Music may not heal anybody, but music can be medicine.
  • True love only happens in Twitter.
  • Honesty is the reason for the long time success.


More coming soon!



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