Who is this guy?

I first thought I should put here some info of Gavin’s basics, but I got discouraged when I tried to choose what to pick as basics. Ha.

Anyways, I try to give you a glimpse.


NAME: Gavin Shane DeGraw

Musician and singer-songwriter

ALBUMS: Chariot (2003), Gavin DeGraw (2008), Free (2009), Sweeter (2011), Make a move (2013)

BORN: 4th February 1977 in South Fallsburg, New York, USA

STAR SIGN: Aquarius

HEIGHT: 5′ 11″ (1,8 m)

EYES: Brown

SMILE: Gorgeous



SUPERPOWER HE WOULD WANT: To be able to stop the clock

FAVORITE COLOR: Green (rumour has it)

STRENGTHS: According to his own words based on an interview in iTunes: Right hand, sense of humour, details, coming up with ideas

WEAKNESSES: Doesn’t want to pay for his food

FAVORITE SONG HE WROTE: I don’t want to be


If you feel I missed something crucial, or there’s something you would like to add, please, let me know. I know we all are very interested to know any kinds of trivia you might have!


More info can be found from



Your turn now!

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