15 days of Gavin DeGraw – The best cover song (Day 5)

Why am I doing these things to myself? This question was not an easy one. At least if I was to follow the rules. The best cover song Gavin has done? Oh my god, just anything! Anything, you hear me? Should I really go through the headache of trying to figure out what cover would I pick to be the best in my opinion? Gosh.


I tried to get some help from Twitter, but these didn’t really help me at all.

And why weren’t they helping? Because with every tweet read I thought, oh yes, I love this one! God, I didn’t remember this, I need to choose this to be my favorite…

But if I’ll just go and try to obey the rules this time, as hard as it would be. As some of you said anyways, he could be singing anything (a cook book, alphabets, a phone book), and it would still be just as good (and I do agree)… And I also agree with these statements.

Rebecca wrote:

Day 5: Best cover Gavin has done! This one is hard because the guy could sing the alphabet and I’d swoon! 😉 BUT if I HAVE to pick, it’d be anything by Sam Cooke! The raw emotions and his way of making the song his get me every…single…time. Very powerful! I think Sam would totally approve! I also think @gavindegrawNEEDS to do an old school, oldies album of some of his favorites! I know it’d be hard for him to pick but what an absolutely amazing album it would be! 😊 So, for my choice I picked ‘Nothing Can Change This Love’…it’s also one of my favorites! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this…gives me all the feels! ❤ [I’d also chose anything by Marvin Gaye! 😉] #15GDG

But okay, since it was the last that I saw live, I’m gonna give you ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’! I also so much love the ‘Where the streets have no name’, so I’ll just include it, here, too (so much of the obeying the rules, ha!). And you can find a very young Gavin doing ‘Let’s get it on’ in my previous blog post, just CLICK!


Some of the questions on this challenge are rather, umm, challenging, but I think I may be able to carry it through, if I try my very best. It’s just… well, you know… Gavin is so completely amazing that there is really no way putting some things above other ones without feeling a bit guilty when leaving all the other great things out. But yeah, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was too easy, would it?