Where you are

This is my song these days. I haven’t been able to listen this through with thought without getting tears in my eyes. I mean, it’s okay in the background, but when I stop and really listen it, it’s something that deeply touches me. Let me tell you why.

The fall

The one reason for it is that Gavin sang it in the London concert that was my first ever of his. And my god how brilliantly it goes along with ‘She’s always a woman’. The next video is these two combined, and yes, from London on 27th Feb 2014. I love it. I love it. Can I just say that I love it. The video just hits me in my face. All the emotions and excitement and love and – the amazing feeling that is only possible when you share it with the crowd, when the performer is whole heartedly feeling the same emotions… Can’t describe it. It just overwhelmes me every time I see it. And yes, I might just cry. See?

Okay, another reason for my love is the part ‘I’m beginning to change, cause I feel all my fears slip away’. That is me, my motto at this time. I have been going through some deep changes in my life lately, concerning my own thoughts, beliefs, values, the things I thought I knew, but that I have learned I didn’t. I’m on a mission to find my true self, and for that I have needed extra courage and bravery, the change is always scary thing to go through. And you know, I have recieved much that I needed from Gavin. From his voice, his lyrics, his appearance, his… something! I wish I could explain, but there are no words, really.

I wrote earlier to somewhere else that the song ‘You know where I’m at’ gave me hope that I’ll go through it all. Well, that’s true, that’s where the whole thing started. My thing for Gavin started with that one. I’ll get back to it later.


‘Well, everybody hurts, that’s where we’re all the same’

You got that one right, mister. My first thoughts when hearing the opening line was ‘oh, really? I have heard that  one before‘. I wasn’t impressed, if I’m telling the truth. But in a way, it’s so true, it just can’t be forgotten, or taken lightly. So he got my attention nevertheless.

The story somehow relates in me, though I haven’t ever traveled million miles for anybody – umm. Not million anyways, just about 1500 miles, does that count? You might guess for who. Yeah. But I liked the song before the London experience, too. I felt like there’s something beautiful in it. I mean, feeling the same as from the start, that’s something special.

I just read from some magazine about couples that have been married like 20 years or something, and some couples had this same effect on each other that they had in the very beginning of the relationship. There had been made a research where they studied the reactions in the brain, and these certain couples’ reactions for each other was as intense as in the beginning. They had find their true love. I can only dream about something like that, but I guess it could be true, but it’s definitely something special.

‘There won’t be any hearts braking again’

This sentence is brilliant. I mean, it gives a huge glimpse of the story behind the song, with such a few words. It tells me that there has been some difficulties, yeah, and because the character of the song is saying this, it gives me the feeling that he has been doing the breaking part. And, yeah, because he’s the one travelling and begging, so I guess it has been his doing.

Again, that’s the point, I guess. He has done it before, but not anymore. And in the same time the sentence leaves a possibility that he has been heart broken, as well, and that he promises and hopes at the same time that every heart in this relationship should be safe.

This is the ingeniosity of Gavin that I so dearly love. Leaving something unsaid so the listener can fill the empty spots with her own thoughts and feelings and interpretations. Yeah! Like it.

‘This is the part where I stay where I stand’

This one made me think a lot. The staying part. The commitment. The true love that conquers all. It made me feel proud for the one who could be able to say something like that. It made me hope that these words would have said to me. It made me feel sad for myself, for I seem to lack this kind of preserverance. I felt respect  for it, I felt sad for the character of the song, for it seems for me that she wouldn’t care about it that much.

‘Your love will be my last’

This amazed me, really. I was wondering that how can he be sure. I feel like I wouldn’t ever be able to say anything like that to anybody. I mean, I’m more let’s see what happens -type. But again, I appericiated the commitment, though I was doubting the authenticity of the statement. Yeah, he feels like it now, but ask him again after a – what? – month? A year? A decade? Would he still feel the same? You’ll never know, right?

‘I am amazed  and I’m clutching to each word you say’

Yes, I am. Everytime I hear this part, I think that ‘yes, I am’. For Gavin’s lyrics just work for me. And if I’m completely honest with you guys, it’s not just his lyrics. It’s almost every interview, every time he opens his mouth, I find something in it that makes me think. Makes me feel something. Love, most likely, ha! But you know, there’s always something in it. Some little phrase, one sentence, some thought, some insight. And boy I have learned a lot from this guy. I am amazed, and clutching to each word he says, really.


What did I learn?

I learned that there’s something for me in every song. I guess this one has it’s point in ‘I’m beginning to change, cause I feel all my fears slip away’. It wasn’t so long ago when I realized that hey, this is what I am going through right now. I had wondered why I have been doing things differently lately, more freely, I might say. And the reason my fears slip away? I told myself with ironic grin that I have just fallen in love, that’s all. Isn’t that supposed to do us more brave?

One guy once told me that he didn’t learn to dance in a relaxed way before he met his wife. This was a response for my apologies about my dancing skills at that time. I thought that ‘oh, my, are you telling me that I have married the wrong man?’

Ha. Don’t know about that. But you know, Gavin has made me way more relaxed. Way more myself. Way more the way I’m supposed to be, who I really am.

This particular song made me think a lot about commitment, about true love, about giving it a try, about forgiveness and new chances in life. This is about stubborn love.

Is there a happy ending? I can’t tell. I read somewhere that ‘when two people fall in love, there is no such thing as a happy ending’. And in a way it’s true, for if they don’t brake up, the other one will die first. No one can change that.

And what’s so great about happy endings, anyways? The pain is common for all of us, getting through it makes us all who we really are.




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