I was going to write about the bullfrog story, but I couldn’t find the interview anymore. Ah. So, I ended up watching this.

This song was the first ever song of Gav’s that I heard. It still gets my heart bouncing, kind of. I have told this story before, so long story made short: I bought the album Sweeter without knowing who the heck was this some Gavin DeGraw -guy. Anyways, put the cd on and stopped. I remember actually stopping in the middle of my walk. I just listened. I couldn’t get myself going. I remember thinking ‘oh wow, this is it, this might be the one’. Haha. I mean. Musically speaking of course. Was late from work that day.

Anyways. This song started the story for me. How about another view?

How does it make me feel? Groovy. I gues that would be it. Almost wrote down ‘sexy’, could be that, too. I just love singing along. It makes me happy and very ready to be overly degrawed. Ahh.
And this one is the favorite of my 4-year-old, too. She’s so sweet when trying to sing English when she knows absolutely not a word from it (we live in Finland, if you’re wondering).

At first I was a bit confused with the lyrics, I thought that ‘wow, does he really mean what he is singing?’ I remember comparing the line sometimes the grass is greener’ with a Savage Garden song Affirmation that goes ‘I believe  the grass is no longer greener on the other side’. And I must say, I was intrigued by the Gavin’s version, for I agree. Sometimes it is. And I was intrigued because he said it. Because the whole song is somehow, umh, searching the right word… shameless? (And now I’m singing Billy Joel in my mind, ha!) That he just says it and doesn’t apologize anything.

Or, not ‘just say’ it, but rather celebrate it, kind of. Like he’s challenging that ‘someone else’ to prove his right for this ‘girl on his arm’. And if the someone else isn’t able to hold on to that girl, it’s his problem, not the singer’s. Do you get what I’m trying to say?

I mean, I get the feeling that there are no rules. That you can’t own another person. And even if you are together, they still make their own minds and decisions. And that’s the way it should be.

I guess the thing I learned from this one, at least when thinking about it now, is the thought that our lives are our own, you know. That I’m the one responsible of my own happiness. I can’t blame anyone else. If I don’t like it, I change it. Well, it may not always be that easy, but the thought is still there. The opportunities are there, if I just grab them. I don’t have to think about what someone else would want me to do, it’s my life, I get to choose.

Umm. I don’t mean we should deliberately hurt each other, but rather find out a solution that makes me happy. It’s a different thing, right?

Ahah. Going all philosophical again. Blame on you, Gavin.

Anyways, I love the song. I love to sing along. I love to dance along! Let me put it on just one more time. This video, this is hot stuff. I’m never going to be tired of looking at his lovely face, the smile, the eyes, the whole damned package. I love this man, what can I say? What’s your excuse? 😉



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