This particular song has been for a some time now my favorite one. I know I have said things like this before, and I must admit, I will say them again. My favorites changes, they don’t remain the same. Usually I don’t have patience with some same stuff that long at all. Instead of Gavin, of course.

Since I laid my eyes on him I haven’t had any others. Ha. So total musical infatuations, that is.

Anyways. Waterfall is hugely beautiful song. I tried to find some video footage of him playing it live but could only find a very short piece of it. But this will do, right? I absolutely love the pics!

At first this was very distant song to me. I thought that I’m not really getting anywhere with this one. It was so different from all the others. It was very ‘not my style’, as I thought.

And it is a different kind of a song. The lyrics leave me with question marks hanging above my head. And still they do make sense, if you get me. I love the sounds of it. I love the fragile pureness (yes, I know, I often come up with whole new words when trying to capture what G is doing to me). I love the feeling of something… I would like to say bobdylanish, but I have to make an embarrassing revelation: I don’t really know his music at all, so I don’t know if that would be the thing I would actually want to say, if you get me.

When listening to it, I just want to close my eyes and let go believing that G can carry me through. It takes me into another place, another time, another dimension even. I get goosebumps all over me. His voice, just, his… I can feel his presence in the song. He is not just singing it through, but instead of it living it through. That’s one of his magical things. I wrote in my post about the album ‘Free’ that he is not just telling the story with the words used, but also with his voice, and this song is an excellent example of that.

This song is so hard to capture for me. I feel it could be the most amazing love story ever. About the amazingly sparkling moment when you realize that the dream could be true. It tells about the vulnerable love for someone special, even in a bit possessive way. And still, all this going on, it’s just one tiny shade of the wholeness it brings with. It could mean so many other things.

I get the feeling it’s about getting the feeling. Standing in awe. Seeing something so beautiful it’s knocking all the walls down, untill there is nothing more than the deepest core, the piece of self that matters the most. There is no need to be more than you are. That is the thing that makes this so vulnerable. Someone giving nothing more than all of himself.

Waterfall is something that cannot be catched, really. Something that is beautiful (and perhaps a bit scary in all of it’s magnificence and power) as long as it’s free. It is made of just tiny drops of water that alone can’t harm anybody, but when put together it becomes like a force of a nature, easily sweeping others out of their feet.

It’s about letting go. The feeling is so huge and there’s nothing more to be done. Just let the waterfall flow through you, over you, all around you, and let go.

Gavin said that the album ‘Free’ was not planned to be the biggest and the loudest. And just because of that it works so well. We need the flowing melodies, mysterious landscapes in our minds, we need space and time for our own feelings and thoughts. We need to escape the treadmill on some days.

You should know by now what I’ll do when I get the need.