Throwback Thursday

Sometimes the blog posts just keep on piling up and nobody really sees the old ones anymore. Since the subject matter has always been the same, though, and always as interesting, I decided to throw back some old posts and hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed writing them.

Something new (old) on the first Thursday of a month!

Next coming up on April 7th! Stay tuned!

Today’s throwback

Originally posted on 16th June 2014

The next post sums up pretty much the reason why I do think that Gavin is so special. At least I did my best back then, and enjoyed a whole lot when putting this all together. Take a look and tell me if you agree – or if I have missed something.

The Secret of Degrawement

There is something quite magical about Gavin DeGraw. I have been pondering this subject over and over again and finally I have something to share. What is it that makes Gavin so amazing? Let me tell you what I think.


The bits of it

  • 1) The voice
  • 2) Sincerity, openness, genuinity
  • 3) The way of encountering the crowd/fans
  • 4) Doing what he loves, loving what he does, having fun
  • 5) Being at the same level
  • 6) Feelings, sharing, giving, not hiding, being himself
  • 7) Sense of humour
  • 8) Intelligence, deep thoughts, ingenious lyrics
  • 9) Putting up a show
  • 10) Looks

Okay, next I try to open up each of these sections. The interpretations presentated are mine only, I have no clue about what Gavin would say about these or how would he feel about them. But anyways, that’s all I got to give. So, here goes!


Previous throwbacks

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